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Eating from your brilliance


Eating from your brilliance.

Have you noticed that whenever you want to lose weight, you eat more and it’s a struggle. Same goes for trying to gain weight to be ok.

Suddenly weight and food have the power to decide if you are gorgeous instead of you deciding it. It kills your brilliance.

You are instantly disconnected from your brilliance and on the road to yoyo weight struggles or perfect diet head based  eating habits which also feel bad.

Recently I tried out intermittent fasting as a way of nurturing my body’s brilliance, I wasn’t focused on my weight.

What happened was unexpected and interesting, I became more aware of how much we focus on food without realising and  my food orientation completely changed.

Hunger did not hold me prisoner, cravings ceased. I stopped focusing on what I was eating and enjoyed having yummy good food in my eating windows. I felt good.

My focus was the challenge of whether I could do it and how it felt, not giving my power to weight or food. It was astonishing to effortlessly lose weight without even realising and to enjoy food so much more as well.

Indulging in treats when it felt right also felt great and didn’t create any cravings or even a sugar spike as it normally would.

It’s also a great reminder that we should never self destructively define ourselves by our weight and food consumption because our brilliance is huge and we are already ok.

Eating from the brilliance flow and not the woe is super powerful, healing, struggle free and well deeply freeing.