Brilliance and Tsunami Warnings

Brilliance & Tsunami Warnings.

Your Brilliance is looking after you even in a Tsunami warning.

Yesterday I had to Tsunami evacuate the house. In such unknown and potentially freaky, scary times, it’s amazing how things can still work out in more wonderful ways than you could ever imagine.

Friends kept me updated and called to make sure I was ok. Strangers gave me a lift to the perfect lookout where an ex civil defence person randomly appeared and kept us perfectly updated.

There were unexpected bonuses, I learnt  about the neighbourhood, local property prices, how awesome my neighbours are and the location of NZ’s oldest Puriri tree.

The sun was shining, it had been pouring with rain the day before. The view was stunning. A massive potential nightmare did not eventuate.

Later I met with a friend who had also stayed in the flow while evacuating and had an awesome day. It was great to share outrageous flow stories.

It’s easy to disconnect and fearfully or expect certain people to be there for us instead of allowing our brilliance to manifest the perfect solutions in ways we could never imagine. A beautiful reminder of the brilliance and infinite solutions with us all.

It showed me me that are we are so much bigger than our circumstances. When we can stay connected to our brilliance in the scary times, amazing things can still happen and remind us that we are always looked after.