Tough times brilliance

Use challenges to grow your brilliance. 

Some challenges are stressful and energy draining. You get tools and skills to help you deal with the situation more easily. You learn how to use it to grow your brilliance. When you do this, every part of your life works better. It feels good to be able to use a difficult situation to become even more remarkable.

Sessions are flexible, depending on what works best for you. You can use these skills for future challenges too. 


When I started I had little idea that it would change my life, I didn’t really know what the course was about and I had no expectations. Slowly at first things in my life started to change, I started getting on better with  my workmates. I had more confidence in myself and my job. Family life was smoother. As things changed the rate of change increased dramatically. In my workplace there used to be a couple of people who intimidated   me, they no longer do this. I handle problems with ease, the more problems that I am presented with the easier it goes. It seems I can do no wrong. I am totally energized, the extraordinary has now become common place. Nickola is caring and supportive while remaining centred and grounded. She provided me with insights and  information which enabled me to find and maintain my own energy power.