Build brilliance

Growing your brilliance in all aspects of life. 

Nurture, grow and access more of your brilliance.  As I like to say, “you are not shit your are infinite”. Access more of your talents and use them to create the life you want. We work together to develop fun tools and skills so you can rock your brilliance.  


Jem Taylor, Fashion Photographer

I have been unfolding my brilliance with Nickola for over 7 years now. It’s hard for me to put into words just how massive the positive impact the work she does has had on me and my relationships.

Her unique coaching and method of addressing situations that have caused me great distress over the years has immensely improved the quality of the way that I interact with myself, my friends, family and colleagues.

I consider the work she has done with me over the years to be one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me, the longer we work together the more my  appreciation grows and I wish that everyone around me had a ‘Nickola’ in their lives.