About me


Hi I’m Nickola, I’m astounded,  humbled and wow kapowed at the massive potential of humanity and unlimited brilliance we all have access to.

I’m constantly amazed by the remarkable and perfect things that happen when people nurture their brilliance.

It’s the most extraordinary, beautiful and inspiring privilege I could ever wish to witness and share. 

I’m passionate about brilliance in all its infinite unique expressions in people, nature and the world.

Fascinated by how our challenges, wild times, “failures” and seemingly wrong turns can facilitate our brilliance evolution.

Constantly amazed by the incredible  brilliance people create in their lives.

Love to acknowledge cultural strengths and how they nurture brilliance in our community.

Always happy to point out individual strengths and unique talents that nurture brilliance in our world.

Enjoy the never ending adventure of understanding more about our brilliance and fine tuning ways to collaborate with others. 

Privileged to see people discover, enjoy and safely access their brilliance and collaborate in wildly wonderful extraordinary ways.

Love to share awareness about how to nurture brilliance and see the exquisite wildly aligned creations people create in all areas of their life.

Enjoy seeing wildly talented people doing amazing work in a way that energises, frees and delights them and uplifts everyone effortlessly. 

I see people as a unique and beautiful work of art and humanity as a wildly wonderful art exhibition.

My personal growth and healing journey began many years ago with an amazing, patient mentor and incredible healer Bruce Martin.

My brilliance journey began when my lovely daughter was born. I wanted to be there as a parent and walk my dreams without feeling stressed and overstretched.

I spent 2 years observing how my connection to my brilliance impacted all aspects of my life and developed tools, awareness and skills to nurture and grow it.

It was easy to see what a huge impact it had on my prosperity, my relationships and ability to get things done with ease. My lovely mentor gave me invaluable guidance, straight talks and feedback as I set off on my brilliance adventure. 

I was learning about healing and maintaining my brilliance in the face of some pretty big challenges and remarkable outcomes from my awesome mentor. I wanted to release my old baggage as easily as possible and understand how to effortlessly maximise the positive impact of my work with clients.

The tools and awareness that worked well for me seemed to be very effective for people from many backgrounds too. My work began to grow. I felt  like the luckiest person in the world because, I got to see people’s brilliance unfolding.

I have a background in business and health, healing and mentoring. I love win win business, collaborative strategic planning, all things inspiring and extraordinary, nature, bright colours, fun, laughter, art, funky clothes, painting, songwriting, real people and growing gardens.

I also enjoy music, dancing wildly, collaborating, brilliance adventuring, fitness, walking, forests, mountains, sea, inspired straight up chats, aligned friendships and being the flow in every part of life.


Nic Galloway Homegrown Kitchen

I am writing to express my gratitude to you  for your guidance. I feel very honoured to have the chance to work with you.

Your vibrant energy and generosity is an inspiration to me and I aspire to live life with this fearless, fun attitude. I thank you for the invaluable tools and skills you have passed on/given me. I look forward to passing on my knowledge on helping others realise their full potential as you did for me. Go well and keep on dancing like no one is watching, giving others permission to let go of their fears and do the same. Boogey on.