About me

About me.

Nickola Blunt, brilliance mentor.

I dislike bullshit, have a good sense of humour, love nature and people being themselves.

My background is business, personal development and healing.  

My beautiful daughter’s birth was a surprise catalyst for my brilliance work. 

I noticed that some days life was easy and other days it was shit. 



I was working with an awesome mentor and began to analyse  what caused the good and shit days.

The benefits of being more connected to my brilliance were obvious. I could juggle my work better, be there for my girl more easily and life was more fun. That was very important to me.

It was obvious that many people had similar challenges. So I started creating simple, humorous tools that  anyone could use. I put together courses, notes and cartoons, (thanks to  Dean Raybould and Alison Rae, my cartoonists).

Seminars, coaching and supervision reached into work places like banks, schools, social work training, hospitals and real estate companies, forestry organisations and more. 

My clients come from all backgrounds, some had never done any personal development work and were driven to their first sessions by their boss. They all knew low brilliance, felt like crap and wanted to do something about it. 

People from many cultures and age groups are able to use the tools and tips to become skilled at growing and maintaining their brilliance. When I am collaborating with people’s brilliance, I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

There is always more to discover about our capacity to create fast, positive change from the inside out. The brilliance and potential of humanity is huge, exciting and unlimited.