Brilliant you

Brilliant you. 

You were born with so many unique and remarkable talents and superpowers within you, these amazing abilities can not be learnt from a text book. They are often emerge in our wild and unique life’s journey. Growing your brilliance allows you to fearlessly and safely express these talents in wildly fulfilling ways.

When your brilliance is in the house you can move mountains with ease and you feel good. When it’s disconnected huge efforts create small chaotic results and you feel like crap.

Your brilliance is your most precious resource. Looking after it pays huge satisfying dividends in your life and benefits everyone around you.

We are not taught  how to nurture our brilliance. It can feel like being stuck with slow, poorly functioning software, when a perfectly designed super intelligent version is waiting to upload.

As you access more of your brilliance and look after it, things will start happen in surprising effortless ways that blow your socks off and make you smile big.

Relationships, tidy themselves up, problems sort faster, productivity grows, the transformational capacity of your work increases and people get it more easily. You bring out the best in people, life and organisational gridlocks start to free up.

Your energy vitality and focus improve, you are free to to be you and life is more fun. Its easier to access your own brilliant guidance and make self respectful decisions.

This does not mean your life has to be perfect and without challenges and opportunities to grow. That’s all part of your brilliance adventure. Most intrepid adventurers look back at their wild life challenges without judgement knowing they have all helped to create the brilliance they are experiencing now. No matter what is happening in your life your brilliance is always within you.  

Here are some brilliance adventurer stories of people who stayed connected to their brilliance in challenging times.

A brilliance adventurer juggling to the max, was unprepared for a meeting and determined stay in their brilliance and not panic or feel like a failure.

When they got to the meeting the agenda changed unexpectedly. This provided a 40 minute window to prepare for the meeting. They did the equivalent of 3 months work in 40 minutes from their brilliance, felt energised and had an excellent meeting.

The efficiency of their brilliance was huge. Think about it if they can do 3 months work can be done in 40 minutes then in 160 minutes they can do a years work with ease.

There are multiple extra brilliance efficiencies too. The work will be much better received, more powerfully transformational and uplifting.

Another brilliance adventurer transformed strained unnurturing family relationships of many years into positive and constructive  communication. Long term non communicative family members, started to get in touch. Abusive ex partners disappeared from the person’s life. 

A brilliance adventurer navigated their family through wonderful pathways in super challenging times. 

There were family safety, mental and physical health issues, marriage and property dilemmas and multiple seemingly impossible challenges,

Their brilliance guided them to perfect answers, words, timing and actions, created  win win solutions and loving relationships in extraordinary ways. 

When a brilliance adventurer was told their family member would never walk or speak again following a stroke. They stayed in their brilliance amidst many tough challenges including family and finances. The family member was walking and starting to talk within a few weeks.

A young brilliance adventurer who became a mental health  patient  was told they would need to stay in the patient unit for several months. They accessed their brilliance and were discharged  in 10 days.

A brilliance adventurer  powered up and  a 10 year industry group deadlock resolved itself in one meeting.

A brilliance adventurer discovered their healing gift of seeing into the body and saw that every aligned decision created wellness in their body and uplifted those around them. 

The brilliance adventuring branch of  company which prioritised team brilliance was not asset stripped and closed down like most other divisions, preserving employment security for their staff.

A very young brilliance student who was being badly bullied at school, accessed their brilliance, changed the whole dynamics of the class group and became friends with the bully.