What is brilliance?

Your brilliance impacts every area of your life at work and play.

Your brilliance is very subtle and incredibly powerful, think of it as a key that unlocks access to your unique, talents, skills and intelligence and makes it safe to access them. 

Or put simply when you are connected to your brilliance you can more easily access your super powers:). When your brilliance engine is big it takes less effort to do more, when its small life is a struggle.

brilliance disconnection is crap

It’s important to understand how to look after your brilliance. When you become your own best brilliance mechanic, you can more easily access your unique skills, talents and guidance.

Many people are destroying their brilliance without even realising, we don’t get taught how look after it.  We end up being stuck with old clumsy technology, when a brilliant personal upgrade a million times smarter is patiently waiting to download.

Everyone has unique indicators that signal shrinking brilliance. It can be  physical like a stiff neck or getting stressed more easily, or your mind being super busy. Sometimes challenging situations  disconnect you and its hard to find your way back. This doesn’t mean you have failed, its just a signal you are disconnected.

Challenges are an opportunity to re calibrate your brilliance so your life can become even more remarkable. It’s very important to understand how to use a challenge to re calibrate. 

invisible edge, crap does not stick

As you look after and grow your brilliance, there is more fun and flow and less drama and stress in your life or team. You and your team deal with challenges better, make clearer decisions and access more inspired ideas, prosperity and energy. Your ability to effortlessly uplift others and juggle life grows. I like to call it an invisible edge.