Hello wildly talented, brilliant you. Welcome, make yourself at home. Go exploring, have fun, find out if this feels like a good space for your brilliance adventuring and growth. ….

Nickola Blunt, Success Without Stress, unfold your briloliance, rock your brilliance

Hi, I’m Nickola Blunt, Passionate Brilliance Mentor,   Collaborator and Adventurer. 

I create in person and online brilliance mentoring adventures that make it EASIER to be your MOST brilliant self. 

  • I’m here to help you enjoy MORE of your wildly amazing brilliance. 
  • To remind you that your brilliance is EXTRAORDINARY.
  • I am with you on the challenges of your brilliance growth adventures, providing fun tools and tips along the way.
  • I soo look forward to seeing what your phenomenal brilliance  creates and celebrating with you.


Growing your brilliance is fun, has HUGE benefits and many wildly fulfilling wow moments.

  • Every part of your life works BETTER.
  • You work smarter, happier, easier and more harmoniously.
  • You deliver high quality, powerful, wildly aligned work.
  • Your work feels wildly ENERGISING, effortlessly trans-formative and uplifting.
  • You are free to be you, comfortable speaking powerfully and make smart brilliance nurturing decisions.

Here’s how I can collaborate with your brilliance.

  • If you want to shoot for the highest stars faster we can fine tune your brilliance navigation skills and speed you on your pathway. 
  • If you want to grow your brilliance and resilience, I can share  fun, proven skills, tips and awareness so you can get there.
  • If you want to take charge of your brilliance maintenance, I ‘m your tool provider, sounding board, idea bouncer and guide.
  • If you want to find your brilliance mojo, I can show you how to  recover your brilliance, unleash your mojo and get back on track..
  • If work and life challenges feel overwhelming and struggle-some, I help you get clear, take charge and power up and kick arse. 
  • If you have brilliance wrecking habits, that are causing you frustration I can give you skills and awareness to dismantle them non judgmentally.
  • If you are feeling stuck, or immobilised, I can help you understand why so your brilliance can fly free.

I’m passionate about inspiring brilliance building adventures and collaborations. I’ve had the joy and privilege of journeying with people’s brilliance for more 15 years and worked with more than 1000 people.

This includes working with kids, schools, relationships, conflict, addictions,  consultants, healers, vet staff, banks, real estate companies, forestry workers, parents, students, nurses, mental health workers, WINZ teams, security workers, social work students and other remarkable people from many different backgrounds and cultures.

Here’s some feedback from my awesome clients.


When I started I had little idea that it would change my life, I didn’t really know what the course was about and I had no expectations.

Slowly at first things in my life started to change, I started getting on better with  my workmates. I had more confidence in myself and my job. Family life was smoother. As things changed the rate of change increased dramatically.

In my workplace there used to be a couple of people who intimidated   me, they no longer do this. I handle problems with ease, the more problems that I am presented with the easier it goes. It seems I can do no wrong.

I am totally energized, the extraordinary has now become common place. Nickola is caring and supportive while remaining centred and grounded. She provided me with insights and  information which enabled me to find and maintain my own energy power.


To Nickola : Thank you, refuge and inspiration as sunrise, love radiates  free, a welcome open face in tune.

My own, I rise awake and find a new world smiling, could it have been so simple, calling my soul to dance.

Thank you for your inspiration and kindness. The value I place on your teachings and friendship is beyond price, so I can only offer my thanks again.

Ann Turnbull  WINZ, Marlborough

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend these workshops. I have been able to handle difficult situations so much better since attending them.

Also I am now taking so much more control of my own well-being that I am not getting myself so stressed by situations which would normally have put me in a real spin.

At the work place I have noticed a vast improvement in moral and staff working at supporting each other in a much more positive manner. This has made the work place a much happier environment to work in.

Many thanks for the way in which the workshop was run as I found I learnt so much from the other participants. Also your offer of follow up support was very reassuring.