Merv Hall, Managing Director

“Nickola’s work has dramatically changed stress situations to positive powerful relationships. As a result of this, our business has become a much more efficient, productive place in which everyone enjoys working. Nickola’s work with me has changed my life. I would strongly recommend her work to anyone.”


Gill Maxwell, General Manager

“Nickola’s work has increased my energy and motivation 100 per cent. I no longer feel stressed out and drained when dealing with difficult situations. I have become much more effective at decision-making and no longer get caught up in my emotions and fears. There is much more honesty, respect, trust and laughter at work. Some courses give you a fix while you’re on them; this course has given me a fix for life.”



When I started I had little idea that it would change my life, I didn’t really know what the course was about and I had no expectations. Slowly at first things in my life started to change, I started getting on better with  my workmates. I had more confidence in myself and my job. Family life was smoother. As things changed the rate of change increased dramatically. In my workplace there used to be a couple of people who intimidated   me, they no longer do this. I handle problems with ease, the more problems that I am presented with the easier it goes. It seems I can do no wrong. I am totally energized, the extraordinary has now become common place. Nickola is caring and supportive while remaining centred and grounded. She provided me with insights and  information which enabled me to find and maintain my own energy power.


Ann Turnbull PR & Community Liaison Officer, WINZ, Marlborough

I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to attend these workshops. I have been able to handle difficult situations so much better since attending them. Also I am now taking so much more control of my own well-being that I am not getting myself so stressed by situations which would normally have put me in a real spin.

At the work place I have noticed a vast improvement in moral and staff working at supporting each other in a much more positive manner. This has made the work place a much happier environment to work in.

Many thanks for the way in which the workshop was run as I found I learnt so much from the other participants. Also your offer of follow up support was very reassuring.


Jem Taylor, Fashion Photographer

I have been unfolding my brilliance with Nickola for over 7 years now. It’s hard for me to put into words just how massive the positive impact the work she does has had on me and my relationships.

Her unique coaching and method of addressing situations that have caused me great distress over the years has immensely improved the quality of the way that I interact with myself, my friends, family and colleagues.

I consider the work she has done with me over the years to be one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me, the longer we work together the more my  appreciation grows and I wish that everyone around me had a ‘Nickola’ in their lives.


Erika and Marten, Sweden

“You have helped us grow and we can not wait to get back home and rock our new lives. Thank-you for teaching us about flow.”


Nic Galloway Homegrown Kitchen

I am writing to express my gratitude to you  for your guidance. I feel very honoured to have the chance to work with you.

Your vibrant energy and generosity is an inspiration to me and I aspire to live life with this fearless, fun attitude. I thank you for the invaluable tools and skills you have passed on/given me. I look forward to passing on my knowledge on helping others realise their full potential as you did for me. Go well and keep on dancing like no one is watching, giving others permission to let go of their fears and do the same. Boogey on.


 Libby Newton, Usana Associate and Healer

If you want a life doing what you love, go and work with Nickola. She has helped me get my dreams out of my head and into my life.


Phillipa Wilkinson, Usana Associate and Healer

When I started with Nickola’s work I had no idea the incredible change it would make to my life. From her work I have learnt how to stay positive and how to walk through my fears to create the life I dream of living. I now have lots of fun, excellent health, require half the sleep, have consistent energy and the most amazing thing of all, is the realization of my special healing gift. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nickola’s work to anyone.



Nickola, I had to write to say how much I learnt from talking to you last night. It was the best nights sleep I had in quite a while. You have a wonderful way of clearing through all the junk putting things in a simple unemotional place so I can see better how to change my attitude and not get so caught up in other people’s lives! I’ve enough to deal with in my own life!



To Nickola, thank you, refuge and inspiration as sunrise, love radiates  free, a welcome open face in tune. My own, I rise awake and find a new world smiling, could it have been so simple, calling my soul to dance. Thank you for your inspiration and kindness. The value I place on your teachings and friendship is beyond price, so I can only offer my thanks again.