Powerful decision making

make powerful decisions from your brilliant new technology

Are you living from your old or new technology (brilliance)?

Recently I was talking with someone who had a made a powerful decision, yet they felt very sad.

They were puzzled by their conflicting emotions. The sadness was the old technology saying ” if you are not making others happy you are bad, guilty, mean selfish.

The life long story of needing outside approval and acceptance at any cost and all the grief that goes with it was seriously under threat. 

As they looked from their new (powerful) technology the situation became a giant gift. They saw how massively freeing and uplifting  it would be for everyone if they never did it again.

Recently someone told me about a powerful, self respectful decision they made and how later, when they saw one of the people connected with it, the person looked so much better.

This is love at its best.  We have no need to control anyone or anything and nothing outside of us has any power over us.

This massively powerful level of self love and self respect silently and beautifully allows the creation of a life we love, uplifts everyone around us and frees us to do the same.